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If you are buying a home on Mauiu, getting a home inspection is perhaps one of the single-most important “checks” you need to conduct to make sure the home is safe and secure.   Once under contract make setting an inspection your first priority.  Most inspectors on Maui are quite busy and I find they can be one to two weeks out.  Most of the time an  inspection can take a whole day.  You as the buyer are welcome to attend the inspectiong, at the last hour.  The inspector will be prepared to summarized his findings and able to discuss the issues or concerns you may have.  Yet, any time sooner can make the inspection time slow down significantly.  

Home Inspector doing a home inspection

  • Buyers Reasons
  • Peace of mind — Puts the buyer’s mind at ease that the home is in good shape.
  • Renegotiate — If problems do arise, the buyer can negotiate a lower price or ask the seller to make repairs.
  • Opt-out — If the problems are too big or unsettling, the buyer can opt-out of buying the home.
  • Future needs — Buyers can learn about potential maintenance and upkeep.

Seller reasons:

  • Smooth sale — Sellers can deal with any issues early that could impede the sale of their home.
  • Make repairs — Sellers can repair problems before putting the house on the market.
  • Help set/increase price — By making repairs, it will help set the price of the home and could even enhance the value.
  • Transparency — Having a pre-inspection report available for buyers tells them that the seller has nothing to hide.

As you can see, having a home inspection is vital for both buyers and sellers and the cost is usually just a few hundred dollars — well worth it to provide peace of mind.